An Exclusive Awarded French Pre-wedding Photography Experience

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Moment Romantique Production Limited, a Hong Kong company specialises in providing pre-wedding and honeymoon photography service. Since 2011, we dedicated in bringing the real French photography style with lovely romantic scene in Paris to all Hong Kong wedding couples. With our resilience and experience, our mission is to introduce this new cross-cultural photography experience to the young couples in Hong Kong who want to be different and bored to the traditional HK-styled photography services.

Per our company slogan, an Exclusive Awarded French Pre-wedding Photography Experience, we commit in providing professional pre-wedding photography service to our valuable customers by the master-class chief photographer: Mr. JM.P (France). You will experience the truly French style of pre-wedding photography in such a romantic city, Paris. Besides, we have our dedicated customer service team in handling every customers project and providing our professional recommendations about your trip in Paris including the arrangement of bridal dress, photography locations, make-up style, accommodations referral as well as post-trip photo production selecting process. Therefore, our simple mission is to make your pre-wedding photography a memorable experience in your life.
Besides, we have very strong partners in providing wide ranged of wedding services, like bridal rental service, wedding banquet decoration, makeup artist as well as graphic & digital design service in order to give you a convenience way in simplifying your wedding project.

Please share your experience with us in having our French master-class wedding photographer for your once-a-lifetime pre-wedding photography experience in Paris or cities in France.

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